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new kid to logic and vst's


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hey guys,


as the title suggests, im complete fresh meat to logic and the vst world.

i've recently purchased Logic 9 along with Komplete 7 as part of my new production arsenal. i've recently found out Logic cant read vst's and therefore i need to convert them to au files (i think i have slowely sorted that out but i wont know until the weekend for sure if its going to work. if something happens i may need to ask here for help lol).


anyway, until then, i've tried to use my Triton Extreme as my midi controlled. it worked fine with garageband but now i cant get it going for either of them. is there a specific driver i need to instal for this to work?


thanks :)

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You don't have to "convert" VST's to AU, since Komplete ALSO comes with AU versions of every plugin. Just do a Custom install of Komplete and DESELECT any VST, RTAS or TDM plugins (as you won't need these in Logic).


ah, ok thanks. is this just a process of finding the files or will i need to reinstall Komplete - only selecting AU?

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