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Using the Sysex Mapper[SOLVED]


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Hi, I'm working on an editor for the Roland MKS-70 (I know it exists already, but I'm trying to improve my Environment skills). I'm trying to understand the use of the Sysex Mapper, and would be grateful for help:


I'm trying to map a text fader with the range 0-3 into a Sysex message, for instance for the DCO1 Range. The MKS Sysex is set up so that values

0 - 31 = 16'

32-63 = 8'

64-95 = 4'

96-127 = 2'

Easy enough to create a fader and map or multiply it to the correct values.


But I'm not clear on how to then map that output into the value of the Sysex message and send it: The Sysex string for this particular parameter is:

$F0 $41 $36 $01 $24 $20 $01 $0B $VAL $F7


Thank you,


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Rather than using the Sysex Mapper mode of a transformer for this, try using a sysex fader instead. Remote control it from 4 buttons that send the 4 needed values. Or a fader if you like, but then you need to send the fader cc through a transformer with the map set up to convert the values. I find the button approach simpler and easier to deal with. The sysex fader is just a display element at that point. Ping back if you need help with it.


As for the sysex mapper transformer, I'm not sure what I could add beyond what the manual says. Which part isn't clear and maybe I can help?

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Thanks for the reply.


Using the remote control button is simple enough: thanks for the help; is there a way to monitor the sysex output?


For the sysex mapper transformer, I guess I don't need it, but it's not clear to me if I wanted to use a CC to set the value for the Sysex message, how do I set up the Transformer object? Do I set Channel to



Data Byte 1 = 9 (or 8-- is the grayed out $F0 included in the count?)

Do I set Data Byte 2 to anything?


Again, is there a way to monitor these sysex messages before sending them out?

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Yes, set it to channel 1, which tells the sysex mapper to send the modified message.


As for monitoring, try MIDI Monitor from http://www.snoize.com/MIDIMonitor/


I don't recall which message byte gets counted as the first in the sysex mapper. But it won't be hard for you to try a few combinations to confirm it, once you've got a handle on viewing the data.

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I think I don't understand the basic operation here. I have it setup like this: a fader sends a controller into the Sysex Mapper, I thought that would convert it into a Sysex Message, but according to the monitor what comes out is still a control message?


I've attached a screen shot.


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