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Project saving annoyance


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Every time I try to save a project I get this message that pops up (I've attached a pic). It always says "contains the file 3:4.logic" which is a project that I made a long time ago but never use anymore. Don't know why it keeps coming up. I just want to hit save and it save. I don't want to have to click "create" every time. Anyone know what I need to do?


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Shouldn't I just be able to save and it automatically create a folder in Music>Logic. Is navigating to a folder necessary?


There may be a few things going on here at once, but to be sure ... let's clear a few things up first.


1) You don't want to use the project "3:4" anymore, correct?


2) You are working on a new project, right? With a different name, right? And this new project does not contain any odd characters like ":" or ";" or "/" etc... right?


3) When you started this new project, Logic should have prompted you for a name. When you typed in a name for the project, Logic by default saves it to your HD under HD > User > Music > Logic .... there should be a folder located there with the name you gave Logic. Inside of that folder is the project file with folders of audio etc.


If any of that is out-of-whack, I suggest that you:


1) opening the project.


2) click File > Save As...


3) Navigate to the User > Music > Logic folder and save as a new project.


After that, every time you tell Logic to "save" it will save without asking you about previous folders/projects etc.


Make sense?

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This happens when a Logic project file is in the top level of Music > Logic, rather than inside its own project folder. Logic then thinks that Music > Logic is an existing Logic project folder and asks you if you want to use this as the project folder for your new project.


Move the 3:4 Logic file (and any associated Audio Files folders etc) inside its own folder and make sure there aren't any other Logic project files loose inside Music > Logic.

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