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Logic Pro/Midi Thru Help

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Hi there,


So here's the story as quick as I can tell it....


Today I bought an Arturia Origin desktop (sound module). I'm using an Akai Miniak as the controller keyboard.


Logic is sending and receiving midi data to/from the miniak. I've now got the out from the miniak going to the in of the Origin, and the thru of the origin feeding back into logic.


At the moment, logic is sending to the miniak, but not to the origin.


So if I record some midi into logic, I can't get it to trigger the Origin back.


Is there something I need to enable in Logic to allow it to send information through the miniak?


Thanks in advance

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MIDI Thru resends or echoes what arrives at the devices Midi In. No internally generated information is sent via Midi Thru.


Midi Out transmits internally generated information only it will not resend any midi received at the Midi In.


I’m not familiar with either device you mention but a standard way of connecting a controller and sound module to Logic would be:


Midi out of controller :arrow: Midi In of interface (i.e. Logic)

Midi out of Interface :arrow: Midi in of Sound module


With this setup the controller can operate Logic’s softsynths as well as your module. Logic’s out can act as a midi out and thru at the same time. I don’t know if your controller produces any sounds of its own. If not this setup will do you if it does then:


Midi Thru from Module :arrow: Midi in of Controller – The controller should be set to ‘Local Off’ mode and on a different midi channel(s) to the sound module.

If you have any difficulties with anything post back.





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