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keystation pro 1 fader and 1 button somehow linked together

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the drummer was playing with my maudio kp88 today and somehow linked my output fader and previous patch button. i have the first fader and first programable button mapped respectively, but now they both do both actions (if that makes any sense).


i tried re-learning the controls several times, but they are still somehow linked. for example, if i slide the fader, it scrolls through the patches, and if i press the button, it sends 0 or 127 for the concert output parameter.


i have a feeling this might not be a mainstage issue, but something he did on the keyboard since i can't fix it in mainstage. please move the thread if necessary...




he was pressing these buttons (i think he was trying to press all of them at the same time):


Edit: having problems uploading a picture. they are the non-programable buttons at the top left.


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Have you gone through and tested all 10 presets? The controller won't always work as desired if it's not on the same preset it was when set up. If worse comes to worst, you can always reset it by holding down +/- at the same time while turning the device on, but you may have more work to do then to get things back in order.
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thanks for the suggestions. i'll try the presets when i get back to the practice room tomorrow.


i kinda figured it was something on the KP88's side, but i panicked and didn't think it through, just wanted to continue the practice, so i started re-learning the controls in mainstage...


thanks again


i'll let you know how it goes

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well, i ended up resetting the keyboard because the presets didn't help.


i had to reprogram all the buttons and faders, but i think it's working fine now.


i've got another show tonight, so i didn't want to mess with it too much.


it seems i've got everything i need working...


thanks again for the suggestions

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