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Superior hihat

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Hi Guys,


How do I programme hihat hits where the hats become graduallly more open (typically building up to a chorus etc.)

Keep in mind, I am doing this in either the piano roll or hyper editor with NO elec kit. I'm sure I saw this on the hatsrig.mov that is downloadable from the toontrack site, but at the moment I can't get that to play!


Any help would be much appreciated!



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If you are talking about actually opening the hat more and not just increasing velocity, you need to trigger different samples that are typically mapped to a different key.


In other words, change to a different key every time you want the hat to be more 'open'.


How these samples are mapped, I couldn't tell you as I don't use Superior, but find the ones you want to use on your controller and then draw in the corresponding notes in the piano roll editor.


Hope that helps,

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In Superior Drummer's Mapping page, go to Presets > MIDI > Note Mapping and select E-Drums.


In Logic's Piano Roll, open Hyper Draw and select Foot Control.


127 is totally closed and 0 is fully open, so draw a descending line to get a gradual opening.


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I must admid ...redlogic...you really nailed it with this advice :D

I adore SD 2.0 and use it for everything I work on and I always need some extra "humanizing" in my arsenal. So BIG thanks to you.


One thing I note though..I had 4 regions of a simple 4/4 rock groove and I wanted to try your technique out. I wanted to have HiHat opening progression gradually from region 1 to 4. I followed steps you said and as you can see in my pic I was unable to make it happen because my Foot Switch automatization (blue line) was always showing up in my last region. So, I merged them all together to a one single region and than it worked perfectly. 8)


Thanks man.



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