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Adjusting Autofilter phase with both retrigger and beat sync

Wave Mekanix

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Is this possible? If I have both beat sync and retrigger activated it always starts the LFO at 0 degrees according to the manual. To my ears its the top of the lfo curve, which for my purposes is about 180 degrees off. I was wondering if there's a work around here.


Id like have it retrigger with each note but at the bottom of the curve, or better yet wherever I want it. The phase knob doesn't seam to work when retrigger is activated. stereo phase is no good. Delay not so much either as I need each cycle to line up.


I have a bunch of other similar plugins. Nothing seems to do this that well, and it would be super if the one right in logic would do it. save me some cpu and stability.

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