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Euphonix MC Mix or other control surfaces

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Not a fan of the MCMix. I had one for less than a year before I (gladly) sold it. I originally bought it for its small footprint and because it was less expensive than the Mackie Control. It doesn't sport a master fader, but I thought I could live with it (more on this below).


So among the reasons I got rid of it were various software malfunctions which occurred after a software update...


• By way of the unit having only 8 faders, when you select tracks beyond the 8 that are currently display the unit needs to switch banks. No problem there. But... When it did switch banks, the track I selected would scroll out of view in the arrange page if my zoom level wasn't set to "tiny tracks". This meant constantly having to zoom out in the arrange page to find the track I had just selected and bring it back into view.


• Euphonix "setups" -- custom configurations of faders -- would simply disappear, meaning I had to constantly redo my setups


• Setups used to be saved with Logic songs but that feature broke suddenly




• the horrible loud clacking noise that the faders made when switching banks or closing out songs (where the faders all bang down to zero)


• chattering faders: when fading out parts (or a whole song), the chattering would be louder than the music I was mixing


• occasional instances of bad finger conductivity, meaning that the fader would "fight" my movements because there wasn't enough electrical contact with the fader. This had nothing to do with dry skin or conditions of dry humidity. The way around it was to increase conductivity by designating one fader as a "dummy", hold a finger on it, and then move the actual fader I wanted to move with another finger. Totally bogus.


• The fader values shown in the display don't match Logic's


• The lack of a master fader turned out to be a downside. When finalizing mixes and doing fades, it required assigning Output 1/2 to a fader (via the setup function). That would have been fine if, per what I described before, the setups would actually "stick".


• Transport controls require holding down the Shift button! In short, ergonomically, it's very poorly designed


On the plus side, it looked cool. So you be the judge! ;)

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Man, I'm sooo JEALOUS! Cuz I really wanted to like that unit. Gave it my best shot (including lots and lots of time on the phone with their customer service people). And then, one day, I put it on craigslist and sold it to a ProTools guy who loves it.


Just goes to show you how experiences can differ on the same piece of gear [scratches head]. So please play a sad rock song to pity me, but in the meantime it's great that you're having a good experience with it. Cuz that feeling of stuff working like it should is such a great feeling. Which... [sniff] I wish I had had [sniff]. Oh... turn up that sad song a little louder, would ya?



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