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Help! Apple loops wont temo/transpose in logic?


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Help! Apple loops wont tempo/transpose in logic?


Anybody has this problem, i transfer a loop from Logic to appleloops, save it, then back in Logic it's not an appleloop....


Hallo Bram,


What exactly are you doing when you say "I transfer a loop from Logic to appleloops"? I don't get that. Are you by any chance converting them to "Real Copies"?

And also: are you using blue or green Apple Loops? And are you putting the green loops on audio or on MIDI tracks?

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i normally chop the loops in Logic arrange, then transfer them to Apple loops utility via "open in Apple loops Utility"

then i save it, the apple loop is active back in my arrangewindow




when i save it in apple loops it won't put the "applelooped" file back in arrange but i have to go and look it up whereever on my harddrive

is there some preference i've changed?

new to Logic 9?


thanks for your help!



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