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Time stretching audio


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I'm trying to achieve the same thing in Logic Pro 9 to what this guy is doing using FL Studio.

Skip to 3:32 in the video:

Notice how the pitch changes to match the tempo.


Basically, I want to take pieces from older songs and match the beat perfectly with my drum loops.

How would I go about doing this?

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To adjust the region length to match the locator positions

Select the audio region that you want to time stretch.


Control-click (or right-click) the Cycle button in the Transport bar, and make sure the Auto Set Locators by Region Selection option is not selected.


Set the left and right locator positions in the Bar ruler.


Choose Audio > Time Stretch Region to Locators to expand or compress the selected audio region to fit between the locators.

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I'm a visual learner, so just throwing manuals at me won't do much good.

I kinda figured it out on my own anyway... after browsing more videos on Youtube.

I did what skylark said by stretching the audio region to the locator so it's locked to the grid.


After that, I double clicked the audio region and selected Factory < Time and Pitch Machine. I put in the original BPM and then set the new destination BPM. Once processed, it nearly became synced to my drum loop.

But because it's an older song which didn't use drum machines, the beat isn't gonna be 100% accurate, that's where Flex Time comes in as jtees mentioned. I used Flex Time to adjust the beats that were slightly off... and then BAM, got a nice beatmatched sample.



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