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CPU overload/mic distortion

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Hi all


Just looking for a bit of help. I was doing a bit of recording today when my computer started really struggling, had about 18 tracks, 1 virtual instrument and maybe 3 plugins on each track. I kept gettin the CPU overload message then suddenly my mic stopped working, well actually it was working however it was at a ridiculously high volume and gain, I use an SE X1 mic through an art tube v3 preamp, which is connected to an mbox mini. The gain was at 0 on both v3 and mbox however even a a whisper made it screech and the track was way into the red, even with the 20db pad!


Is it likely this is a mic or a sound card fault with the mbox? I don't think it's the v3 preamp as I plugged the mic straight into that and it was the same. This only started happening after my PC started struggling and constatntlt getting the CPU message.


On another note, sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm wondering what is the best thing to upgrade to stop this CPU message, would it be the mbox mini? My RAM or my hard drive? I have included a link to my mac G5 below if anyone can give some advice?


Mine is the one on the left except I have upgraded the RAM to 3GB.





Logic 9

Mbox mini

Plugins - addictive drums, IK multimedia amplitude, logics compressor and spacecdesign reverb.


PS I don't have anything assigned to a bus as u haven't figured that out yet so plugins are on the tracks!


Thanks again


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