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Speed up entire project in Logic Pro 9


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Hi Logic Pro Genii


I'm fairly new to Logic, slowly building up my knowledge (and reading the manual as often as possible to find solutions!)


But I've run into a fairly sticky problem now and can't easily find a solution, so I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.


I've created a project that has around 40 audio regions distributed across about 25 audio tracks (all recorded by me), and a few midi tracks. I've realised subsequently that the song really has to be a bit faster (it's currently 85 bpm and probably needs to be around 90 - 95 bpm).


I've read about Varispeed and given that a whirl, but as per what I read (and what my ears tell me), it's not really a tool for the sort of change I'm after - it's more of a rough and ready hack.


I've tried changing the project tempo and I can see that that changes the grid in the arrange window... but all the recorded audio (unsurprisingly) plays at the same speed, so changing the project tempo just causes each of them to be triggered at the wrong time / too early. It makes sense that this didn't work: just saying that I tried it.


I have a sense that the solution might be 'Flex', and I've tried reading up about Flex, but I get a bit confused. As I understand it, Flex and it's modes are about high quality resampling of audio to change tempo with and/or without pitch changes. That makes sense. But: how can I quickly and easily use Flex to change the durations (and not pitches) of 30 - 40 audio regions across c. 25 audio tracks, to match a specific new tempo (which *will* need to be changed in order to get the midi regions to play at the right speed)?


Hope I've made my question clear enough. Very grateful in advance for any ideas (anything to save me a couple of days re-recording!)





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Starting with the midi: yes, I know that will adjust to project tempo.


Unhiding region parameters - sorry if I'm being stupid, but I can't see an option to do that? I don't know how to do it.


All of the audio was recorded direct into the project; no apple loops are used. It's not quite clear from what you're saying if 'follow tempo' will therefore be available (when I find it) - will the option you're suggesting work for recorded audio?



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