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Midi sync to multiple destinations issue


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Using Logic 9.1.3; OSX 10.6.5; MOTU Micro Express; TETRA, Monomachine, Monoevolver, Kurzweil PC3x


I'm not sure what to make of some strange behavior in logic.


As you can see with my set up, I am slaving multiple devices to logic clock. Here is what is going on.


1. When I select just one synth (any of them) under destination, all of the devices sync perfectly to clock.

2. When I select one different synth out of each of the two destinations, the synths playback at double the tempo in logic.

3. If I select desination"all", the playback of all the devices is extremely fast - maybe 4x the original tempo.


It's nice that everything will sync, but the fact that selecting one object will send output to all of them is odd.


Weird. I consider myself pretty new to logic, so I may be missing something obvious.


Any responses are appreciated :D

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