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Bounced file is much quieter in Itunes

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So when I bounce a project, it sounds nice and loud in logic but once I open it up in Itunes it is substantially quieter. No, I don't have any EQs or s#!+ like that clicked in Itunes. I don't know if it's a problem with Itunes or Logic, my guess is Logic though.


I have tried bouncing with normalize on, off and with just the overload protection. It seems to give me a slightly hotter level when normalize is off but it still doesn't sound like it does in Logic when I ultimately play the file in Itunes...Not only that, my Itunes version is quieter than most other recordings making me believe that something is either happening in the export from Logic or the importation in Itunes.


Any ideas on why the file is noticeably different in Itunes than the final mix in Logic?

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10.1.1, I noticed it in the last version as well.


Actually, since the last version I have also been noticing some content missing out of the left side of my mixes done in Logic that play back in Itunes. They are fine in Logic and fine going through my same system on CD but only out of Itunes is their weirdness.


Also, I am pretty sure the problem is not with Izotope Ozone at this point. Now checking to see if the volume thing is due to Voxengo Elephant for some reason.

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Ah! Damn, that's it.


I read the thread, I didn't read the link on the thread. Now that I have, it is fixed. I think it is an Itunes 10 problem which they didn't update on their latest version either. Anyway, Itunes 10 was when I first started noticing it.


So the short of it is that when you have a track in logic that sounds great and loud with a great stereo field and then bounce it to logic and it sounds like cock and not nearly as loud (it was also affecting other Itunes files as well), here is what you do:


Close Itunes

In system preferences, under Sound, Change from your sound card (mine is a Saffire Pro 10IO for instance) to line out.

Open Itunes and start playing music

While playing change from the LIne Out output back to your sound card (Pro 10IO)



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hey there,

same problem; i AM trying to follow but confused as my sound output in system pref looks like this:



also if i played the audio files just in the folder and theres the same difference then why is itunes in the equation? -i'm not sure if we now differ in problems but its exactly waymjoh's original post: the in & out of logic sound..


thanks guys

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