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Giga to Exs: all files duplicated?


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Hi all,

I've searched in the forum, but never found a reliable answer, so...

I'm moving stuff on my MBPro to make room, because it's at 75% filled now.

I've trashed a lot of duplicates done during the last month, but when I look at the free space indicator under my main disk windows I'm still far away from what I imagine to be.

I've discovered that most of my sample library, set on an external disk, is duplicated inside the /Users/myname/Library/Application Support/Logic/DLS-Giga Samples folder. All the folders are .wve labelled.

There are almost 13Gb of data inside these folders!!

I've read that Logic does some weird tricks with Giga Samples, but I've nothing to complain about missed files or weird sound, only about this huge duplicates galore...


Any help?


Tanx to everybody and happy xmas to all


(EDIT): discoverd right now: some of the files are in the OS disk, where I want to make room, and all the others are on the external disk, the right one.

I've noticed that the "original" Giga files are on the right place, and the Exs-converted files are splitted in two places...


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