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Adjusting Volume of L and R Channels of Tape Recordings


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I'm digitizing in Logic and Soundtrack some old reel-to-reel tape recordings and have two questions:


1. What is the best way to adjust the L and R channels so that the volume of each is roughly equal? (Christian, there are numerous tape decks involved in the recordings so adjusting the playback head of my current machine is not practical.)


2. Generally, are the presets in Soundtrack a better set of tools for cleaning up the audio than the tools I'm much more familiar with in Logic?


Seasons Greetings!

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1. Christian's not here right now, but he's right: adjust the playhead! With the correct tool it takes 10 seconds per tape. Especially since it involves tapes from different machines. It is a simple procedure and it can make the difference between old mushy uncharming rubbish and a clear enjoyable sound with enough high freq content...

2. Sorry, don't know. Use Peak.


Enjoy the collection!




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Sam, dude, you scare me. Normally the half-life of bits of information on boards like this is around eight hours, not eight months.


But, actually, I'm right. Adjust the playhead's azimuth to get the best mono sound and record to a stereo track. Then use the Balance knob on the channel to even out the levels. If you're really desperate, put the recorded Region on two adjacent tracks, one set to L with a long click on the mono/stereo button and the other to R, so you have separate control of the stereo sides.


And for that messed up azimuth of the tape machine. You're not gonna record on that tape recorder anway, let's be frank. We're all too spoiled by the ease and comfort of our DAWs.



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