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multiple midi channel strip sounds change


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i have two midi leads going from my midisport into my juno

i have the audio outs on the juno going into my apogee

in logic i set up an external midi channel and set up an audio channel to record the sound from my juno. it records ok

when i set up another midi channel and audio channel the sound of the first recording defaults to the different sound and instrument ive chosen for the second.

basically in unable to record more than one midi instrument and logic doesnt retain the original sounds despite me setting up an audio line as well as an external instrument.

i thought if an audio line was set up then that records the sound of the synth permanently but the audio line sound changes also.

any ideas what im doing wrong, ive been trying this for ages and still havent managed to figure it out. thanks

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OK, Ive set up a midi channel as a software instrument with an external instrument plug in.

On the plug in I selected the inputs 1-2 which go from my juno to my apogee duet inputs.

the midi in and out goes from my juno to my midisport and on the external plug in i selected midisport 1

the software instrument records the midi and also the sound when im recoring but when i playback i dont hear the sound only the see the midi.


ive set everything up as i should and double checked against all the forums but i still i get no sound. can someone please help

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