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Chopped up my drums, PT style. Audio drops on playback! help


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Hey all,


So, I just got Logic pro 9. I'm learning to do all the things I do in PT as a starting point.


I chopped up and edited a 17 track drum session to get used to the audio editing in Logic.


After editing and dragging my regions back (To prepare for a batch fade of all tracks) I noticed that the audio is dropping out in certain places (Usually where an intense fill is happening)


I tried bouncing the tracks in place and sure enough, the wave forms are disapearing in those same spots.


So my question is: What's going on?


Can logic not process all the audio info during a busy fill? If that's the case I'm really disapointed :(


Any help would be much apreciated :)

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After editing and dragging my regions back


Do you mean lengthen all regions by dragging the lower left corner toward the left in order to close the gaps between regions?


If that's what you meant, you need to be aware that in Logic, when two regions overlap, the left region stops playing as the right one starts, on its region start position, regardless of which region is displayed on top. So what you see is not always what you hear.


Is it possible that maybe you've dragged some region starts to the left of the drum fills you're not hearing?


Personally I don't care much for the way regions can overlap in the Arrange area and choose to set my "drag mode" to "No overlap" before starting to do audio editing. That way what-I-see-is-what-I-hear.

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No, that can't be it.


The drops are happening in different places every time. It's usually in the same general area (fills) but if I stop playback and replay the error it clears up and happens somewhere else.


It seems like Logic cant process the audio or something. But I don't see why that would be the case. I'm on a Mac book pro i5 processor, 4 GB RAM


There should be a problem playing back a measley 17 tracks right?

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My HD and CPU look fine.


It seems like the drive can't read 16th note edits at 170 BPM durring busy fills. And because it can't keep up the audio is dropping in different places each time, depending on how freaked out it is.


However, on a brand new mac book pro with 4GB RAM and and i5 processors I don't understand why this would be the case. I've edited bigger sessions on worse set ups and never run into this problem before, which makes me think it has something to do with Logic it's self.


Just to make sure I didn't do anything funky in the last session i'm going to re-edit the drums in a new session and see how that works out.


If anyone has any other ideas as to why this may be happening please let me know. I'm brand new to Logic and at the moment I'm a little disipointed that it seems unable to handle a simple 17 track drum edit.



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I'm wondering if this has something to do with my problem:


I tracked the transients in the sample editor prior to chopping the drums up, I am using inside kik and top snare as "q" reference.


Occasionally, when the transients were incorectly tracked (after the initial attack of a snare in most cases) I would just drop a marquee slice to where I wanted it, make the cut and adjust the timing.


However, I just came across this on the apple site:


Note: If you need to return to the Sample Edit window to adjust the transients for any of the tracks after this stage, it's very important to disable the Q-Reference buttons for all tracks in the group first, otherwise, the transient edits will not carry over to your subsequent timing adjustments.


My question is this: Do all transients need to be marked in the sample editor? Can you make your own on the fly if logic has incorectly tracked them? Checking all transients in the S.E prior to cutting seems like a waste of time but is that what I have to do to correct the problem I'm having?

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My bad! I had another thread about transient detection, and it seems I mixed up my posts.





Anyway, after some research it appears I am not alone in my quest for an answer to this problem:




This is only one of a couple threads I have found on this issue, no one has yet to come up with an answer for this.


I'm using Logic on my home setup which is: Mac book pro 4GB RAM, i5 processor, MBOX2 (I have tried playback with and without the MBOX and the same thing happens)


Also, I just bought the computer and Logic pro 10 days ago, so this problem is happening right out of the box.


I would really appreciate some help with this so if anyone out there has any ideas I would be thrilled to hear them.


Thanks for reading :)

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