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MIDI events Panning


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Various ways. Really depends on what instrument and exactly what panning effect your looking for. Also, please add your Logic version and system info to your signature: Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines (#5)


I use Mac2008, SL 10.6.3, LP 9.1.3

and use plenty of plugins and my question is general about an ability to send pan data to AU.


For example: In MIDI editor I create an event and want it to play -35 degree and next +35.

How to make it?

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my question is general about an ability to send pan data to AU.

The most generic way, and easiest, to sequence panning events that matched note timing would be to open the MIDI region in the Hyper Editor. You'll see your notes and the heights will represent their velocity. Create a new event definition lane and assign it to cc 10 on channel 1. Pencil in new events at the same location as your notes and adjust their value. This will control the channel strips main pan control.


However many instruments, including several of Logic's, allow you to assign a modulator source, like a random LFO or EG to the signal pan, either by oscillator or for its main outs. If you're not fussy about exactly where each note gets panned, then a random LFO would do the trick.


If you wanted a configurable preset pan location for each note, many instruments, particularly samplers, support that already, or it could be set up in the Logic Environment without much trouble.


The best way depends on the musical context.

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