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Breakdancing, Parkour & Logic Pro!


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You have a new website! Yeehaa. I went and now I'm stuck listening to "Touch The Sun". The only problem I have with that song is.. I didn't write it. Damn it. Wish I could say I had! :D


Anyway... parkour? I've been following some of it for a while, didn't know you were into it. Is that you on the video? Have you seen District B13?

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@David- you're a very astute guy! I'm glad you noticed the website. And, thanks for always sharing the love about Touch The Sun! I have never heard of District B13 but I've now researched it a little bit and it looks sick!


I do know who David Belle is though. He is an animal!


And, yes. All the footage is of me. the camera quality wasn't always too great but what do you do? Now that I'm performing live shows with my friend I am incorporating breakdancing and beatmaking into the performances. It's been very fun so far!


@lookatthisguy- haha, yes. Church Williams is my actuall name (well, first and last) but it's been my nickname for years. I am actually VERY glad that the domain name was available.


I'm super stoked you liked the track. Thanks for the complement my friend!!

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