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Placing regions where I want them puts them offgrid [SOLVED]


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It's my first post here. I hope I'm not repeating a common question, I did search the forum for similar problems but I couldn't find anything. If I am re-asking a previously resolved problem, do me a favor and let me know where I can find that post! Thanks!


Before I go into more detail, I will try to summarize my question: Is there a way to put regions anywhere on the arrange window without them ending up off the grid?


I am scoring a short film created by some film students, and I have been running into some headaches over how to position regions in the arrange window. It's a little difficult to explain, but I will do my best!


What I'm working with is a cut of the film loaded into logic (I got that part figured out), as well as some parts that I have composed ahead of time. I am placing the music I composed at the places where I find it best matches up with the film. The trouble is, most of the time this means that I end up dragging regions off of the grid.


This creates some problems for me; it looks messy, it's hard to line up a group of regions just right, and worst of all it makes notes in the piano roll fall off of the grid there as well!


So far I have been mainly moving previously composed parts around, and while my project looks messy as hell, it kind of works. However, now that I'm trying to compose new sections using the piano roll, this problem is becoming a roadblock to completing the project!


I know that one way of working is to place tempo changes in a way that lines up the grid with the sync points. I don't want to use this method because I already like the way I've placed my music, and it seems to limit options.


What I suspect I am looking for is a way to make the grid align to my placement of regions, rather than have me adjust my regions to the grid, if that makes sense.


Does anyone know of a solution or a workaround? Maybe I am coming at this the wrong way. I'm sure a lot of you have experience using logic to score film.


Any advice on this matter will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


- Thomas

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