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help with downloading tal noisemaker

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hi thanks for the reply and suggestions ..


i have only just upgraded to logic 9 today and am a newbie to logic ... when logic is loading next to 9.1.3 it says (32 bit) so i guess its 32 bit i am running in ???? :?

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The file you downloaded:


TAL-NoiseMaker.component.zip v2.57


....has to be copied to the following directory:


Macintosh HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components


Once you have copied the file to that location restart Logic.

The synth can then be found by clicking on I/O and following the path in the attachment.


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When you have installed the TAL synths checkout the following forum link:




Users have kindly saved the Presets/posted them so you can install them - This means that the Presets will show in your Library in the same way Factory Synth Presets do.


Instructions on how to install Presets are here:





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