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Syncing Logic 9 with Logic 8


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I'm trying to iron out syncing up two computers. Right now one is a MacPro running Logic 9.1.3 (next week we'll be using a MacBook Pro running 9.0) to a MacBook Pro running Logic 8.0.2. Now, we have the setup so that when the MBP 8.0 is set to slave things work ok... but there are two main problems:


1] There is a delay of 1 measure between the MP 9.0 and the MBP 8.0. How can we get rid of this? Or is this normal?


2] When looping, the MBP 8.0 ends up wigging out a bit, so that the looped software instrument on that device after the first loop starts cutting out.


The clocks are both set to 48kHz, the slave clock sits at 120bpm (assuming that is normal), the master clock is 150bpm. The master is sending MIDI Clock and MTC. I should add that the MacPro is using a Presonus Firepod as its primary interface and the MacBook Pro is using a Presonus Firebox as its primary interface.

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