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How many times can you install Logic Pro?


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So I bought logic express then logic pro and I have the serial number and discs to it all, I re-installed my operating system after deleting my hard drive because my computer was acting unresponsive at times.


Soo on my booklet it has two CD keys so I'm assuming that's it? I already used one and I just re-formated my computer so am I only able to put it on one of my computers now? I bought a hard-drive today also, can I somehow put it on there and connect my hard drive to either the laptop or desktop depending on which I want to use?


-Side question, I also play world of warcraft for example, can I put it on my hard drive and play off of the hard drive or is that only a storage type deal?


Should I use my hard drive through time machine or? Someone help me with this thing :) I know I need one ha ha just new to it.

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You can install and re-install on your laptop as needed to keep it working.


Time machine is for backing up our system. Use an external drive for that. If the computer goes down you have a ready way to get up and running again quickly. All your important work is there..... not lost.


I am not a World of Warcraft aficionado. Sorry :)

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