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Effects over time?


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I'm new to the forum and in my previous posts I mentioned I use Logic Pro 7 and that I'm fairly new to it.


I've been fiddling with audio tracks...


First of all, Logic pro only comes with 10 tracks? So I can only lay down 10 different vocal tracks...Is there a way to import/add more blank tracks so I can get real creative and blendy with effects?


Moreover, I've been adding reverb and stuff of that sort to entire tracks. I also have learned that I can increase/decrease volume/pan over time.

Is it possible to increase/decrease the level of effect over time. For example, have a reverb slow fade in and maybe even fade out?


Thank you for any advice!

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Due to the nature of your questions, I think you should definitely take a peek in the manual first...get acquainted with the software.


Creating Tracks

To create a track, use the Track > Create command. The new track is created at the

currently selected track position, and all ensuing tracks (below it) are moved down the

Track List.


The thing with the reverb can also be done...using automation. Search for that word in the pdf.


If you have any specific questions, post back.





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