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Everything recorded is too quiet when exported out of logic.

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I have a problem with logic and just recording in general because everything i record is too quiet. I have a GNX 3000(guitar/bass/vocal effects processor) by digitech which goes firewire USB into my mac, then logic pro 8 is reading the signal my device makes, whether its guitar, vocals or bass. When i record in logic everything is fine because i can adjust the volume of everything on my digitech (however this does not affect signal sent to logic, only the output of everything you hear into my headphones). Once everything i want recorded is recorded, i export it and make it an mp3 or .wav or whatever and it is VERY quiet as compared to professionally produces songs by other musicians. I don't really understand what the problem is. I can toy with the settings on my gnx for output level, and main volume, but that only makes small differences in volume. If I raise the volume on logic it just red lines and i can only raise the volume so much. If anyone can help me with this problem it'd be greatly appreciated.
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