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Inspector Fade function: adjust with key commands? [SOLVED]


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I can't get +10 or-10 to work on anything here.


Make sure they're not assigned to something else at the same time. I've had some problems with the "-" key command in the "U.S." default key command set because that same key is assigned to so many other functions, but when I delete the other assignments it works as expected.

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I did some experimenting today and discovered some things.


Shift "+" and Shift "-" do work as expected in the region and track parameters of the Inspector.


Shift "+" and Shift "-" don't work on faders, pan or send knobs and plug-in or instrument parameters.


"+" and "-" used alone (without Shift) work as expected on all of the above.


All this using the "US with Numeric Keypad" preset.


Are you guys getting similar behavior?

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