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Control Tempo Fader with a CC message? [SOLVED]

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I've been searching around for a solution to this and have found a lot of help for controlling the tempo fader with the pitch wheel or mod wheel but i can't get to work the way i want it to.

I'm making an algorithmic patch using pure data where i'm routing all the midi data out through an IAC bus into logic. I connect the sum from the physical input object in the clicks & ports later of the environment to a tempo fader object and then the outlet of that to the sequencer input.

I then tried sending the CC number 20 from pure data on channel one to logic and set the settings of the tempo fader to input: control, channel:1, -1-: 20 but to no avail. I tried fiddling around with the settings and can't seem to get it to work.

Is there a way of getting the tempo fader to respond to midi CC messages? i'm so stuck :(

thanks in advance

[edit] i realised it wont work when connected from the sum -> tempo fader but does work when connected from the 'IAC bus 1' outlet on the physical input object but that's already connected to a channel splitter

so i guess my question is now, how to split a cable in environment into two identical cables?

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Thanks Atlas, yeah I researched a bit more and figured out how to do it (thanks again to, oh who was it now...? oh that's right, David :D [thanks David])- I was able to control it with a fader on my controller board.

Worked great! recorded all the tempo changes on the tempo track just as I'd hoped.

However it's not really useable for me because I absolutely want to ride very tiny 'human' tempo changes (often way less than a whole number integer) but the tiniest move I can make on my fader yields a tempo change of several whole numbers (which is too much for what I want!)
If there was a way to somehow "scale" the midi info of '0-127' into much smaller divisions and map maybe 10% of that range onto my fader's full 'throw' - that would be tickety-boo!
I don't think that's possible though.. (incidentally, when tf is midi 2.0 happening up in this bitch?! :D)

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