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MIDI Clock yet no sound after Bounce


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Hardware Setup


-MPC 1000

-PreSonus Firestudio Project

-MacBook Pro with Logic Pro 7


I have Midi out A of MPC to midi in on Firestudio and Midi in 1 on MPC to Midi out Firestudio.


I have Stereo out from MPC to channels 3 and 4 on my Firestudio (I am receiving signal).


I then Firewire out of my Firestudio into my laptop.


To activate my midi on my MPC i have pushed Mode>Midi/Sync>F2(Sync) and changed:

Sync in: 1 (Slave)

Mode: Midi Clock


Software Setup


As mentioned above I use LP 7. I have my audio track 1 enabled to record via stereo inputs 3-4.


(I match my BPMs)


I then went to File>Song Settings>Synchronization>Midi

From this screen I was expecting to see my Firestudio interface listed under Destination 1. I did not but I did see "Midi (Project)"...maybe that's referring to "PreSonus Firestudio PROJECT"...now that I think about it...


I solo a track on my MPC and push Record on my Logic. voila! it works! My midi clock is pulling signals from my MPC...I do it with the other tracks and it works great. It is all synced up.


My Issue



I Bounce the track...I listen to the track...and it is dead air.


I'm aware that the MIDI is just pulling signals...and not actually sound.


But I do have my audio inputs running through my Firestudio interface and I can hear the beat playing through my monitors both during recording after afterwards (in Logic).



I'm sure there is a simple thing I am overlooking and hopefully after learning what it is, I will be boosted past amateur level :)


Any insight on this?



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Bounce in real time.





That worked perfectly! thank you.


A follow up on this thread so I don't spam the forum with a new one, plus my set up is listed above...


During recording I feel like my sounds are doubling up.


I feel like my sounds are coming through my interface (then out the monitors) as well as into my laptop through the firewire and then the sound is being resubmitted back out the firewire and into my interface and back out the monitors (doubling them up).



Is this happening with my current set up?/Could this be happening?/Is this doubling up my recording and possibly making it peak or distort?/Have I wired my interface andor monitors incorrectly?


PS: Logic Pro>Preferences>Audio>Drivers>Driver is PreSonus FireStudio.


That leads me to believe the input is coming throw the presonus (obviously), but then also so is my output (which it is)...so that's where the double up effect seems plausible.



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