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How to play from playhead position with spacebar?


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Hey im new to Logic and Forums and what brought me here is i wana see if i can make some muzac, i have a couple of questions.


When i hit space bar i dont want my song to start all the way at the beginning how do i stop this.


also i was wondering what a good keyboard would be to connect to my mac, Keep in mind that im new to this, i have very little piano experience and im not sure if im gona stick with this cause im not sure if i have the muzac gift :)


Also where do i search the forums, i dont wana post something thats already been asked and answered:)


Thanks and hello!


Hello FuzzyWasAbear,


The best thing you can do right now is Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines


You've posted three questions in the same thread.


After reading the forum guidelines you can edit your original post and subject line to contain only one question and start new threads for the additional questions.


Then I'm sure you will find the help you seek.

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