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Questions on Starter Keyboard

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Hey there, i was wondering what a good keyboard would be to connect to my mac, Keep in mind that im new to this, i have very little piano experience and im not sure if im gona stick with this cause im not sure if i have the muzac gift. Any tips will help, im sick of using my computer keyboard.


Also i dont know where to post questions about the website.

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If you want to keep to a budget,Behringer.

Otherwise the sky's the limit.


Do you play?


Do you want weighted keys?


Have you any hair?

(Sorry for the cross ref.).


I dont play but i was thinking about using Garage bands lesson thing, and before you ask, i dont think Garage band will make me a pro, but it wont hurt will it, and i have no idea about keyboards yet so im unaware of what weighted keys are.

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Weighted keys are controller keyboard keys that have some weight added to them so they react more like a real piano keyboard. Otherwise you're working with a synth keyboard, which is lighter. If you've never played piano in your life, it may not matter all that much.


If you're trying to learn how to play piano and pop songs etc.. and maybe dabble in electronic music, using drum pads, and faders and rotary knobs to control filters or other effects, then I would recommend the Axiom 61 which has a decent semi weighted keyboard. $300 = http://www.birdlandmusic.net/item-9900-53120-10--UPC-612391701031-M-Audio-Axiom-61-Keyboard-MIDI-Controller?src=froogle.


If you don't care for drum pads and don't think it really matters that your keyboard has a "piano-like" feel, and don't have that kind of budget, you could get the $150 Oxygen 61: http://www.jr.com/maudio/pe/MIM_OXYGEN61/ , which is also a very good keyboard.


Oh and you know what, I was also thinking of checking out the piano lessons in GarageBand. I'm not really good at playing keys, so that's the kind of stuff that seems like it would make it fun to learn. The only issue is ... well there's only so many hours in one day. :(

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