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Logic + VE Pro Multi Output tutorial


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The goal with this is to create a template with multi-output intruments, hosted in VE Pro.


Please do not mix it up with multi-timbral, which distributes an instance's instruments on different tracks, according to their midi channel. This is not what we are doing here.


The point is to route groups of instruments to various aux channels, so effects for example can be applied to certain instrument groups. For example when using LASS and EWQLSO together you probably want to put some reverb on LASS.


In this example I am setting up Kontakt 4.1 that is running inside a VE Pro instance.


This tutorial may not be perfect at all. It is made by a dummy for dummies.

I had gotten somewhat overwhelmed by the complexity of it all after I managed to do this so I decided to record what I did - mainly so I can use it as a reference in a few weeks when the memory starts to fade. But then I though it may help someone else too. So here it is


Suggestions for improvement or corrections are welcome.


see the attached PDF


Logic + VE Pro Multi Output tutorial

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