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Logic 9 Memory Issue when loading large samples with VE Pro


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Hi there,


Would be extremely grateful for any help from anyone more technically-minded than me!


I am using Logic 9.1.3 64-bit and Vienna Ensemble Pro 64-bit to run a combination of Vienna Instruments and LA Scoring Strings.


I was under the impression that it was possible to use all the available RAM when running in 64-bit (17Gb in my case), but when I load a large amount of samples (6.11Gb) I cannot save my Logic project. I get the message:


'Out of Memory!'


followed by


'Out of Memory!

couldn't insert or delete data'


Anyone have any thoughts?


Thanks in advance,




Specs: Mac Pro 12-core 2.93 GHz, 17GB RAM, 10.6.5, Logic Pro 9.1.3 64-bit, VE Pro 4.1.7553.

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