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Random notes muting throughout entire project


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I keep having some sort of bug that is muting MANY individual notes in MANY different regions. Sometimes almost my entire project. This happens from the Arrange window. I thought maybe it was some key that I'm pressing, but UNDO does not UNDO the muting.... This is why I'm lead to believe it's some sort of bug. The muting is very random, and sometimes only part of certain regions ends up muted, while all of the notes in other regions end up muted. It's almost as if notes of a certain velocity were being muted or something, though I don't think that's it. I haven't determined it yet, but it's happening from the arrange window so I don't know they've been muted until I play back. (The regions themselves are not being muted!) It's very tedious to go back and un-mute everything!


Any ideas anyone?

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I get this all the time. Questions for you: do you ever work in the score editor where you're showing multiple parts and editing them (particularly, muting notes on even just one individual part)?


Same question, but with the piano roll.

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I honestly can't be the only person to experience this.


It's still happening and it's driving me insane.


It literally muted 3 of 4 snare hits in one region.


In another region it muted one bass note.


In a synth region it muted everything.


This is happening from the arrange window.


I was comping a vocal!



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