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Choirs boys and girls are angelic because they "shimmer


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Whatever it is, kids have an ethereal quality to their voices that older singers can't replicate, mainly due to the size and shape of their larynx as far as I've been told.


Must be nice to just happen to have an anechoic chamber ready for vocal experiments like this Prof. Howard character.


I read another article about one of his little studies on the smaller set's singing in church and apparently 47% of people can't tell the difference between the girls and boys. The funny thing about this is that it was sacrilege (and illegal apparently) for girls to sing in a cathedral choir until a mother told the European court that her daughter sang better than her son.


@trafficarte: yeah, that'd be nice if you could just stick around 8,000 and shimmer or whatever the hell these angelic voices have going for them. Where's the VST for this? I wonder if East West Symphonic Choir from East West samples can do this. They use the word "boys" in the description. Otherwise a guy's just gotta hang out at church with a mic more often.

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