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Can't change order of effect plug ins


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Normally when I want to change the order of plug-in effects, I can use command and click drag. Now I'm just getting a pointing finger and the whole channel strip moves. I can mute with option click, but for some reason, the ability to move the plug up or down in the order is gone. I've looked in the key commands, but I don't see any reference to this action..


Any help is appreciated.


Dan Rad

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(Are you in the environment screen? )


Sounds like he is, you're right.


DanRad, make sure you work in the Mixer, and make sure the hand tool is assigned to the Command-click tool. Then you should be able to command-drag plug-ins to move them around.


In the Environment, you can Control-Shift-click a plug-in, then press and hold Command (while still holding Control-Shift) to move plug-ins around. Or you could assign the Command-click tool to the Pointer tool and simply Command-drag plug-ins as you would in the Mixer. Note that the environment does not let you move plug-ins from one channel strip to another.

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