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Logic and Guitar pro (midi)

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Hi guys,


Very close to buying my first Mac and Logic, but need to overcome one more hurdle before i take the plunge. I'll explain my situation:


Currently my DAW is cubase,


I write my bands songs on Guitar Pro (hopefully someone on here uses this...!)

I then export as midi, imort it into cubase and program the bass/keyboards/drum tracks using various VSTs/effects then record live guitar. I use these as demos.


While i was at a friends house, i was playing around with logic, and imported a midi i had from guitar pro, the tracks looked like they were playing and could see notes on the piano roll, but no sound came out. When we tried to re-create a midi track from scratch it seemed to work smoothly.


Is there anything special i need to do to get these two working seemlessly? I'm quite set in my ways and would like to avoid change if poss! :P But i've always wanted a mac/logic setup so i hope this can be resolved...


Any advice would be fantastic



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