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hide, archive, move or delete entire tracks?

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Hello -


I am a very new Logic user, having used Sonar for many years. In Sonar it is very easy to hide, archive, move or delete entire tracks. I have to believe such functions are also easily accomplished in Logic, but I haven't found those menus or key strokes to be obvious.


So, how do I do it?



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To hide a track you have to enable the General Hide button on the Arrange window. It's next to the Catch button (the little blue man)

To move a track up or down use the mouse. The pointer switches to a hand.

To delete a track select one and hit Delete on the keyboard. The first delete will get rid of the regions in the track, the second will delete the track itself.

I don't know what archive does in Sonar, so you have to explain that.

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Thank you. In fact, the documentation that came with Sonar was not very good, although the after market book, Sonar Power (you know the series) was quite helpful.


I should have gone to the manual before posting, but I succumbed to a moment's weakness, frustrated by the expected tasks associated with taking on a new DAW. So thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction.

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