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.gig in logic pro


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Hi, I'm new to this forum, and a fairly experienced user in logic pro.


Basically, the problem I have, is that when I import the gigasampler, it is found by the EXS24 sampler, but no sound comes out.


I done some further investigating, and went into the EXS24 sampler, and clicked edit. There, i saw absolutely no sound files. Absolutely barren.


Reading the archives of this forum, I saw that you can go to options, and click giga convert. that didn't work, and came up with "just move a giga file into folder "~/library/application support/logic/sampler instruments".


The gigasampler file is the maestro concert grand hosted at http://sonimusicae.free.fr/matshelgesson-maestro-en.html

it is ~900MB, so I assume there are files there.


Exactly what I done; I downloaded it, then I extracted it.

I then copied the .gig file into ~/library/application support/logic/sampler instruments, to no avail. found, but not playing.


I then copied it into Rob/library/application support/logic/sampler instruments, found, no sound.


any suggestions now?


I am on logic 8, on a macbook pro 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7 with 4gb of RAM, if that makes any difference.

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