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are there any MIDI instrument packs for logic???

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i've found komplete 7, but that's about it...


i'm used to using magix, which has a large assortment of strings, brasses, and general symphonic sounds...it seems that logic's symphony instruments are somewhat limited, and i'm all about layering strings and brass...beyond that, i just want a more diverse range of MIDI instruments to choose from...


does komplete have a comprehensive set of strings? also, is komplete just samples and loops, or is it actual MIDI instrument packs i can play on my controller? is there a better package for logic that will suit what i'm looking for?


i know this is a logic forum and i'm asking about komplete, but it's really for logic that i'm inquiring lol...thanks in advance...pz

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Komplete has Kontakt which is a very good sampler with lots of available third party libraries. Komplete is a great place to start.


Anything in the Audio Unit format (AU for abbreviation)

EXS instrument format, for using Logic's native sampler.


East West

Kirk Hunter





Welcome to the world of option shock! :)

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