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Fade Tool Click Zones and Marquee Tool Click Zones boxes


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Going through David Dvorin's Logic book right now (page 34).


Under the General > Editing, you have the two check boxes for - Pointer Tool in Arrange Provides.


First one is Fade Tool Click Zones and the second Marquee Tool Click Zones.


I ticked both of these, the Marquee tool one worked fine with midi regions and the marquee tool showed up as you glide the cursor over the bottom half of the midi region.


Then I placed the cursor over the top right/left corners of an audio region expecting to see the fade tool, but what I found was there was no Fade Tool and if went over the bootm half of the audio region the Marquee Tool showed up, just like on the midi region.


I unticked the Marquee Tool Click Zones box, and the Fade Tool did show up then over audio regions.


In the book David states they can be 'utilized in combination', so the idea is that you can use them together for their respective regions. This is evidently not happening here, has anybody else found this?



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Working fine here when both are enabled. Try placing it on the corner, but right on top of the region's black bar (if selected)....the region's header.




Thanks, see what you mean, I think I have to be more subtle with my cursor technique!

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