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Feedback pls: Logic with i5 & i7 Macbook Pros

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Kindly ignore this post and skip down to my next one. The new question is there. Saves me starting a new topic :)


Hi there,


Would really appreciate help as I've searched everywhere but can't find an answer.


I'm planning on buying a 15.4" Macbook Pro, the 2.66 i7 model. Primarily using it to run Logic Studio. Now there were hyperthreading issues with the i5 i7 etc processors in previous logic versions, which 9.1.3 has fixed with an option to select how many cores to use. OK - It's widely clear that everyone with iMacs and Mac Pros have happily expressed the performance benefits they should accordingly be enjoying from their systems and this HT fixing logic update.


*The issue:* - People using i5 and i7 Macbook Pros have all seen their dual cores now present 4 bars in Logic 9.1.3... however have mentioned they haven't experiened performance improvements with the update. I've read this on a few forums, making me re-think my purchase. The other issue and second question, is some macbook pro users have mentioned is their Logic will show 4 cores maxed out, but their system's cores only at about 60%. This screenshot taken by someone might help explain further (note the bottom left hand side vs logic's meters).



Has anyone here with a Macbook Pro (i7) "actually" experienced performance improvements when setting it to max cores (4 right?) on the 9.1.3 upgrade? With regards to hyperthreading and virtual cores. If so, how much. And regarding my second question, can anyone shed some light on why this is the case and if anything can be adjusted on the system to boost this?


Thank you very much...


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OK Revised question:


I would love feedback from a few i5 and i7 Macbook Pro users, on how they get on with Logic.


Kindly share feedback on how your laptop performs on what you personally consider to be a typical heavy project. Could you share with me roughly the number of audio and virtual instrument tracks you work with, plug in load, what kind of plugins and instruments, approx how many etc you use, then of course most importantly your macbook pro secs, and if it's coping well or averagely, regular overloads? etc.


I'd like to compare if my planned 2.66 i7 Macbook purchase would get on reasonably well. I've checked plenty places online, but can't find genuine feedback. Most of the feedback I see are benchmark tests which distribute logic's effects in an unreasonable manner which means the processor is not being fully utilized even if logic is maxed out.


Thank you!

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