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logic and ppc

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Logic 9.1 is 64-bit and you need Snow Leopard and a mac pro to run it.



Need a Mac Pro to run it? It is not that restricted.

Any Mac with Intel processor(s) and OS 10.5.7 and up will run Logic 9.1.

With Leopard, Logic 9.1 can only be run in 32 bit . For 64 bit operation you'll need Snow Leopard.

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Well yeah, I know it's not that restrictive.


And I knew you knew. But the OP doesn't know you know that, because you didn't tell him.


He was talking about towers, so I stayed on the topics of towers.




He just said he has a G5. Which is a tower, yes. But the topic is Logic and PPC. It could well be that the OP wants to stay with a tower, but he has yet to tell us.

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Ok, you got me. I surrender :(


Be assured I was never on the "warpath" here, I have much respect for you. I tried to avoid invoking any hostile feelings, honestly. These sort of "meta-communications" are hard, I find, as it is a given that it will often be hurtful. I'm sorry about that.

So I don't accept your "surrendering". I do however accept the implied: "I did jump to a conclusion, yes."


Please don't be shy in correcting me whenever It's called for.


peace, Erik.


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Hello! I have PowerBook G4, OS X 10.4.11, what is the latest version of Logic compatible with this laptop? Thank you very much...


Knowing that...


Logic Studio System Requirements


* A Macintosh computer with an Intel processor (though we know you can run up to 9.0.2 in PPC)

* 1 GB of RAM

* A display with 1280 x 800 resolution

* Mac OS X v10.5.7

* QuickTime 7.6

* A DVD drive for installation


...that would be Logic 8.0.2.



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