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Channel strip templates missing in finder, usable in Logic?

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hi everyone

kinda confused about some missing custom channel strip settings of mine.


the missing ones come up in logic's own library tab with a little orange circle next to them.


BUT they are not in finder in library/application support/logic


nor in username /ibrary/application support/logic -although the standard (ie not my custom edited) channel strip settings are where they should be in these directories.


i have searched in finder using the indivdual channel strip setting names as keywords, and cant find them. they are accesible another other mac running logic via bonjour on the LAN.


i need to get my hands on them because many of them took a long time to customise and create!


i believe they dissapeared when i reinstalled the channel strip settings with the logic 9 disks a few weeks ago, but tbh i am not sure when i 'lost' them in finder.


most bizarre :)


tia for tips and advice. i feel stupid AND confused :D

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