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A Dubstep track I just finished


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I luv the dub step genre, I just hate the direction its taking.


Basically your song is cool, but the vibe from the melody and the abuse of the double sawtooth bass makes it sound similar to Skrillex "Scarey Monsters & Nice Sprites". At least Skrillex's song has a vocal sample to throw off the repetitiveness.


If your intention was to go for that kind of vibe then you definitely nailed it, too well.


- It could definitely use a vocal sample or something in the higher spectrum to make the track a little more full


- During the wobble bass phase you can try to peak in the melody every now & then throw off the listener.


- Play with the drums some more, vary the kick sample or vary the snare more from snare to clap and back to snare, throw in fills other than bass kick rolls in the drum track that accompany the wobble bass changes, anything to break the receptiveness. In dub step you want your drums to be as interesting and varied as the bass wobble.


- And last but not least, some rise sweeps to build up to moments in the song cant hurt.

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