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Logic 9.1.3 & Snow Leopard Upgrade - Mac OS 10.5.8 to 10


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So far I have not upgraded to OS 10.6, and also noticed that some of you guys (moderators) have not either.


Since I have NI, MOTU & Spectrasonics libraries, I've hesitated, but now want

to integrate Pro Tools 9 into my studio, which requires Mac OS Snow Leopard.


Why haven't you upgraded, and is there still potential complications w working in Snow Leopard, in regards to 3rd party plugins or other things w Logic 9.1.3?




PS. if this is not the correct forum for this topic let me know which is.

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The point of Snow Leopard is to run Logic in 64-bit.

Some 3rd party plugins aren't 64 bit and don't run smoothly on the 32-bit bridge.

So check the websites of the plugins you use to see if they have 64 bit updates.


Some people have a stable system and don't need 64-bit operation or don't care.

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Cool. Thanks.


If I upgrade to Snow Leopard, would I have the option of opening older sessions/creating new sessions in 32 and 64 bit, or just 64 bit?


If some 3rd party plugins don't work well in 64 bit, can revert to 32 bit and/or switch back and forth, if needed?

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