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screenset and controller mode sync widget

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Here is a widget to sync modes and screensets.

if you are changing your controller mode (a particular mapping of your knobs and faders to logic widgets and key commands) you are then likely to want to be looking at a different sceenset.


Changing CC28 will change your mode and sceenset in sync: screenset 1 and mode1 will change to screenset 2 and mode 2 when you bump the fader.Mousing on the widget gets the same behavior IF you change the mode display. The reverse is NOT true; so you can change screensets AND retain your current controller mode. Of course you can tweek the macro so its all independant if you prefer.


To use this:

1) set a fader on your master controller to CC28 with a limited value range (so the fader isnt too "touchy")


2) Create an IAC bus (using Audio Midi setup Utility) and make sure the output of the MacroOut instrument goes to your IAC bus.


3) Have your (no mode) mappings send to the IAC as below.

(Tip: The first -audio- set is BF 01)


I put widget in the environments Global layer so it pops up on *most* of my sceensets. You can make a frameless ENV window if you have a screenset without an env window. Thanks to the guys who posted about mode switching in a thread i cant find now. You know who you are.



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