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DUB Step Wobble Control VIA drum pad or midi notes?


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Hey Guys - I know how to make the dub step wobble in ES2 and Massive etc.


MY question is - is it possible to control the LFO rate by triggering a drumpad or any midi notes? This is for a live performance setting. I would like to trigger each wobble rhythm by playing it live. Right now I have it set up to be controlled using a knob. But I would like to trigger each wobble separately regardless of pitch.


Might be a side chain thing - but I don't really know how I would go about doing it.


Thanks in advance!



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not too sure what you mean by ' regardless of pitch ' ... could you not put them into a sampler though, ? i'm assuming it's for bass frequency's, so you'd probably be playing pretty much the same thing each time... ?


i'm guessing a sampler would use less processor too... then there's mainstage, but i haven't used that...


one thing that can be good if you use a sampler is to have a note (or a whole oct) of silence, so that you can always hit that and mute what you were doing.... and do some nice staccato-y effects too.

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