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Recording a track into another [SOLVED]


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ok, what am I doing wrong...

I have recorded a mono vocal track. I want to record that track into a stereo track so I can give it some stereo delay and then bring that stereo track up during the chorus to widen the vocal..(i know i can do that using aux sends and I did, but I want to know what am i doing wrong and why can't I record it)


I am doing the following procedure:

I have set the output from that mono vocal track to be bus 50

In the aux that was automatically created I have set the output to be bus 51

On the new stereo track that i have created I have set the input to be bus 51 (and record armed the track of course :D)

please help me because I want to know more ;)

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haha, stupid me :D

Thanks guys, but, although the problem is obviously solved, could you please explain to me what was i doing wrong, was my routing wrong or what?!


Ok, if you had to do that, you would:


Set the output of your mono channel strip to bus 50 (for example).

A new aux is automatically created with bus 50 as input. Delete the aux channel, as you won't need it.

Create a new stereo track, and set bus 50 as the input in its channel strip.



You'll end up with a mono-sounding stereo region :wink:



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