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constructive critisism please, want mix to sound fuller


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Taste thing: I am not a hardcore fan... so I'll be honest. To be clear: overall, I do like most of the song, despite the genre. Otherwise I wouldn't have responded.

Hate the first 12 seconds or so - too distorted. I like the female lead voice, and the non-grunting male voice. The grunter really sounds out of place (even in this genre and even a bit silly sometimes.

And I'm not wild about the fact that the whole is in mono.

HOWEVER, if you recorded this with just one mic I'm impressed with the premixing and the performance.

If you recorded this with more than one mic I am stumped as to why it is mono. Bounce error?


EDIT: I didn't pay full attention, some bits (toms, male vocals) are stereo. Missed that because I left my amplifier on mono after I listened for it. :oops: So no bounce error, listener error. Still it is mostly mono at least...

Without the grunter/screamer (or it at least with him way back in the overall soundscape, perhaps try some Binaural panning on him (if he has a separate track...), anyway, I would love to hear it without the "overexcited" bloke.

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